As a girl, I made things freely and joyfully. My earliest source of inspiration was my mother’s woodworking scrap bin. She would allow me to pick through the strangely shaped pieces and choose the ones that interested me. I would turn them over in my hands again and again, trying to discover what they wanted to become. I would paint the odd shapes into wonky characters, houses and animals. I took pleasure from using my imagination to give order and purpose to these cast aside fragments. In adulthood, I have continued variations of this practice. It has become a meditation. I continue to use found materials in my artwork; junk mail, marine debris, ribbon plucked from gutters, the detritus of daily life. Now working in painting, drawing, collage and sculpture, I produce loud and complex images and objects. I then vigorously edit and revise my work with the intention of creating order from chaos. Like many, I am striving to make sense of the static, to give purpose to the the visual and environmental noise that inundates us daily.

Tara holds a BA in Religion from Bowdoin College, a BFA in Graphic Design and New Art Media from the University of North Dakota, and an MAT in Art Education from Columbia College Chicago.

Selected Exhibitions

Ransom. Chases Garage Artist Studios and Gallery, York, ME October/November 2018

Lebowskiland. Land Gallery, Portland, OR June/July 2018

69 Valentines: A Visual Tribute to the Magnetic Fields, Land Gallery, Portland, OR February/March 2017

Side by Side, Chases Garage, York, ME May/June/July 2016

Inside/Outside, Chases Garage: Artist Studios and Gallery, York, ME September/October/November 2015

Enormous Tiny Art Show 18, Nahcotta Gallery, Portsmouth, NH September/October 2015

Sticks and Stones, Chases Garage: Artist Studios and Gallery, York, ME May 2015

Wood, Paper, Clay, Chases Garage: Artist Studios and Gallery, York, ME June 2014

Art PM, Buoy Gallery, Kittery, ME March 2014

Enormous Tiny Art Show 15, Nahcotta Gallery, Portsmouth, NH, February/March 2014

MAT Graduate Student Show, Columbia College Chicago, IL November 2011

Sight, Sound, Space, Little Black Pearl Art Center, Chicago, IL November 2010

DOVA Temporary Gallery Juried Exhibition, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL November 2010