My work is play. I collect and configure shape and color. This practice began in childhood when I took pleasure from giving order and purpose to cast aside fragments, the detritus of daily life. Bits of broken glass and plastic found on sidewalks. Scraps from my mother’s woodworking bin. In adulthood, I have continued variations of this process. Now working in painting, drawing, collage and sculpture, I produce visually complex images and objects. Using found materials, I arrange and rearrange. I then vigorously edit and revise my work until I arrive at a place where the materials are fully reimagined into something both familiar and foreign.

Tara Morin is an artist and educator living and working in Maine. You can find her roaming the coastline and sidewalks of Rockland, head down, looking for treasure.

Selected Exhibitions

Ransom. Chases Garage Artist Studios and Gallery, York, ME October/November 2018

Lebowskiland. Land Gallery, Portland, OR June/July 2018

69 Valentines: A Visual Tribute to the Magnetic Fields, Land Gallery, Portland, OR February/March 2017

Side by Side, Chases Garage, York, ME May/June/July 2016

Inside/Outside, Chases Garage: Artist Studios and Gallery, York, ME September/October/November 2015

Enormous Tiny Art Show 18, Nahcotta Gallery, Portsmouth, NH September/October 2015

Sticks and Stones, Chases Garage: Artist Studios and Gallery, York, ME May 2015

Wood, Paper, Clay, Chases Garage: Artist Studios and Gallery, York, ME June 2014

Art PM, Buoy Gallery, Kittery, ME March 2014

Enormous Tiny Art Show 15, Nahcotta Gallery, Portsmouth, NH, February/March 2014

MAT Graduate Student Show, Columbia College Chicago, IL November 2011

Sight, Sound, Space, Little Black Pearl Art Center, Chicago, IL November 2010

DOVA Temporary Gallery Juried Exhibition, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL November 2010